Halloween House of Horrors

Last Sunday I headed into the cellar and dragged up the huge bag that houses our Halloween decorations. The Jelly Babies were beyond excited at the prospect of transforming our dining room into a spooky, cob web strewn coven. The irony of the fake cobwebs was not lost on Mr Wobbly Jelly who despairs at my lack of housekeeping skills.


Halloween has changed somewhat from thirty years ago when, on the 31st of October my mum and I would attempt to carve a turnip and I’d put on a cardboard witches hat before bobbing for some apples with my brothers.

Halloween is now a full blown celebration for many and definitely one of the highlights of my children’s year.

Last year as well as carving several pumpkins, we crafted a spider web from string, created a pumpkin from felt, and made a skeleton from cotton buds. Although the final pieces of art barely resembled what they were meant to, the Jelly Babies spent a wonderful hour cutting and sticking.


As darkness descended the Jelly Babies and their buddies changed into their spooky attire before feasting on sandwiches cut into witches hats (triangles) pumpkin cupcakes (regular cakes topped with orange butter cream and a small green sweet,) spider web crisps, pumpkin tangerines and marshmallow mummies (giant marshmallows studded with chocolate chip eyes.) This was washed down with witches brew (a jug of blackcurrant squash with some jelly worms thrown in for added gruesomeness.) After eating, we cracked on with some spooky games. As a nod to tradition, the children bobbed for apples. They then split into teams to wrap one of their team members in white toilet roll to resemble mummies. Finally they tried to eat doughnuts suspended from the ceiling on sting without using their hands (much trickier than it sounds.) It was then time to grab the glow sticks and head out to trick or treat a few specially selected houses.





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