Getting to know Mister Maker

The Wobbly Jelly has been finding out a little more about MISTER MAKER ahead of his visit to the Assembly Halls, Tunbridge Wells on Saturday 14th of May at 1.30pm & 4pm


This is the CBeebies favourite’s first UK theatre tour. Phil Gallagher, aka Mister Maker said: “This is our first ever Mister Maker theatre tour in the UK and I am so excited! We’ll be singing, dancing and making some amazing arty creations. I can’t wait to share the fun with all my Mini-Makers so join me, Circle, Triangle, Square and Rectangle for a real arty adventure….and get ready to make some noise!”

The show is going to be packed with loads of arty fun, fantastic songs and there’s even a big ‘make’ for everybody to take part in. Joining Mister Maker on stage will be a wonderful supporting cast and, of course, The Shapes!

Mister Maker has been delighting CBeebies viewers since 2007 and in 2009 was nominated for a Children’s BAFTA.

How did the Mister Maker character come about? Have you always been crafty?

The idea of the character was to be able to teach exciting arty techniques whilst hopefully being entertaining and funny. I have always loved making things – from a very early age! I remember making fluffy bugs out of wool, cardboard and googly eyes with my Grandpa when I was very young.

What can we expect to see on your first UK tour?

There’ll be lots and lots of arty fun and some singing and dancing too! Of course there will be some great makes as well including a really big one that everyone can join in with. What’s really exciting is that I’ll have the Shapes joining me on stage alongside a wonderful supporting cast.

We hear that there are quite a few Mini Makers outside the UK too…

I’m proud to say we have a very loyal fan base around the world. The show is now played in over 100 countries. I have loved visiting all the countries I’ve been to and they all hold special memories for me. The favourite live show that I’ve done outside the UK so far was in Jakarta, Indonesia – over 10,000 wonderful people came to cheer me on and I will forever be grateful for the incredible reception that day.

If you could be one item from your Doodle Drawer, what would it be and why?

Wool – soft at heart but when stretched, I’m tough and strong too! (I’m desperately trying to flex my biceps as I write this!)

What are your top tips for getting crafty?

Try to use recycled materials as much as you can – start saving old kitchen roll tubes, cereal packets, sponges etc. as these can be really useful. Gloopy glue, pencils, pens and paint are important too – along with scissors. But be careful, scissors are sharp! Remember, there are no right or wrong answers with art. It is just all about being creative and finding the fun in making something.

What’s your favourite craft material in the Doodle Drawers?

Probably my paint!

If you could make absolutely anything, what would it be and where would you make it?

I would say my dream arty adventure would be a painty football splat picture made on the pitch at Wembley Stadium!

If you were one of the Shapes, which shape would you be and why?

Probably Rectangle as he’s the tallest!

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I love watching football! Spending time with family and friends is my favourite thing to do.


The littlest Jelly Baby and are I are so excited to see the show and gather all sorts of fabulous new crafty ideas from our crafting hero.






3 thoughts on “Getting to know Mister Maker

      1. I am yes, haha! I’ve kept it a secret from J, it’s a day out for me and him, his little sister will be staying at home with Daddy! I cannot wait to see his face when I tell him on that morning ekkk Xx


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