Friday Night Is……

Disco Night.


This is such as simple idea that makes the dreaded (by me) bath time so much more fun and all it requires is some glow sticks and a bit of bubble bath.


With the children engrossed in an episode of Topsy and Tim (almost as shocked as I am by Joy’s surprise pregnancy)  I snook upstairs to prepare the disco. I plugged in the disco light we were given last Christmas, ran the bath, added some bubbles, threw some activated glow sticks in, turned out the lights, pressed play on the disco tunes and summoned the Jelly Babies to the bathroom.

The children yelped with delight before hopping into the illuminated bath tub. Bath time lasted much longer than usual and was a whole heap more enjoyable. We will definitely be repeating this but next time I’ll remember to take a vodka and coke up with me to really add to the disco feeling.


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