Peter Pan Party

With delicate but oh so sassy Tinkerbell, puritanical Wendy and the dastardly Captain Hook, there’s a character to suit all personalities in Peter Pan which is one of the many reasons it makes for a wonderful party theme.

Out of all the parties I have thrown for the Jelly Babies, I think this is perhaps my favourite of all. I had such fun planning it and was thrilled that both Jelly Babies assisted me in putting it together.


The Invitations

The invitations were based on the ever so simple pirate treasure maps we made earlier in the year. I used my very primitive drawing skills and drew one map by hand before photocopying it, tearing the edges of the paper, soaking them in coffee and then baking on a low temperature. The invites were tied with gold sequins and hand delivered to the party guests. For a more detailed explanation on how to make these click on the link


The Party Decorations

We went to town decorating the house. Tinkerbell bunting embellished with hand cut green felt stars and white fairy lights set the scene in the dining room. In the sitting room where the games took place, a huge Neverland Map was hung, alongside a Jolly Roger and our homemade Neverland banner. Peter Pan, Wendy and Tinkerbell silhouettes appeared to fly in the sky. These were made by attaching silhouettes cut from black card to the strings of helium filled balloons. Most of the children came in fancy dress, alongside a host of Tinkerbells, we had several Captain Hooks, a Wendy and even a crocodile which really added to the magic of the party.



The Entertainment

I had written a list of games that I wanted the children to play at the party but following a somewhat chaotic party for the biggest Jelly Baby a fortnight earlier I decided we needed an entertainer and called on Bella Parties at the last minute to invite Tinkerbell to the party. They were fabulous, sorting out my request within the hour and I was further reassured that the party was in safe hands when I received a call from Tinkerbell herself to run through the details of the party. My daughter and her friends were thrilled that Tinkerbell was in charge of the party and I was able look after the grown up guests and enjoy myself.


The Party Table

The biggest Jelly Baby drew a fabulous map of Neverland on some brown paper which we used as a table cloth. Surplus invitations were used as place mats, while plain plastic cups were jazzed up with pirate tattoos. Green napkins were folded into Peter Pan hats and decorated with red feathers. Chocolate coins, pirate hats and eye patches also adorned the table.


The Party Tea

A few simple tricks transformed the usual party tea staples into a feast fit for Peter Pan and his friends.

Pixie wand sandwiches, and fresh fruit  wands were served alongside Captain Hook’s swords (Chipsticks) and Captain Hooks Gold Earrings (Onion Rings.)


Captain Hook Pirate Ships

The biggest Jelly Baby was responsible for making the pirate flags that were attached to cocktail sticks and placed in orange quarters


Tinkerbell Wands

Simple vanilla scented biscuits were cut into star shapes and attached to cake pop sticks prior to baking, then decorated with some ready roll icing,  and stuck on with a smidgen of cooled boiled water.


Tigerlily Tee Pees

Ice cream cones were dipped in melted white chocolate and rolled in hundred and thousands


Pixie Dust Popcorn

Popcorn kernels were popped in hot oil and coated in melted white chocolate and sprinkles


Tinkerbells Wings 

Butterfly buns were baked in green cupcake cases and decorated with  butter cream and green sugar crystals


The Birthday Cake

 To make the treasure chest cake, a home baked rectangular chocolate cake was cut it in half. One half was delicately placed on top of the other. It was held open using two wooden skewers and a little bit of cake wedged between the two cakes. It was covered in chocolate butter cream and crammed with sweets. Fondant icing and jelly diamonds were used to decorate the chest. The sand was made from crumbled digestive biscuits. The Peter Pan figures and jelly crocodiles further embellished the cake.


Party Bags

Going home gifts included inflatable swords, eye patches, tiny silver Tinkerbell wands, chocolate gold coins, jelly crocodiles, candy necklaces, fairy dust, and tattoos placed in simple green and white striped retro sweetie bags and sealed with a personalised Tinkerbell sticker.


A Very Happy Party Girl



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