An Indoor Firework Experiment – No Explosives Required!!

The weather is so atrocious today we may well ditch our plans to head out to fireworks tonight. To cheer up the littlest Jelly Baby I decided to introduce her to the magic milk experiment in the warmth of our home.


All you need is some full fat milk, a little food colouring, a tiny smidgen of washing up liquid and a plate.


Pour the milk onto the plate


Add a dot of each of the food colourings you are using. Use at least two colours and be careful not to knock the plate when adding them to the milk.


Squeeze in the washing up liquid and watch the magic happen.


What happens?

Initially the food colouring drops float on top of the milk until the detergent is added. As the detergent reacts with the fat molecules in the milk it create micelles which causes the food colouring to swirl like a Catherine Wheel.


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