Bird Seed Cookies

Today it finally dawned on me that Summer is officially over.


Conkers are beginning to drop from the horse chestnut trees, the sun is setting noticeably earlier and the temperature has most definitely dropped by a few degrees. I love summer days, filled with picnics, trips to the beach and impromptu play dates in the park but there is something so magical about Autumn and it’s crisp cold days and the turning of the leaves. I am eagerly anticipating lighting the fire for the first time, cannot wait to indulge in a mug of hot chocolate and have already been flicking through my vast collection of cook books searching for the ultimate casserole recipe.


We’ll be adding some fabulous Autumn activities to the blog. The first of which the littlest Jelly Baby and I did today while the rain lashed against the window. This one is for our feathered friends in the garden to nibble on. If you are looking for a tasty treat to enjoy yourself,  I suggest you whip up a batch of the zesty rock cakes we featured on The Wobbly Jelly earlier in the year (


Bird Seed Cookies


You will need

A 250g block of lard

Approximately 400g of bird seed

Some old cookie cutters

A little thread

Cling film

A baking tray



Cut the thread into 10cm lengths and loop, tying a knot to secure.

Place some cling film onto your baking tray and lay the cookie cutters on top.

Melt  the block of lard in a pan over a very gentle heat.

Pour half the melted lard into a bowl and gradually mix the bird seed into it (please ensure the lard is warm and not hot before letting the children do this)

Add half the remaining melted fat to the mix and once again stir well.

Half fill the cookie cutters with the seed mixture.

Press the loops of thread into the seeds and cover with the remaining seeds.

Pour the last of the fat over the seed cookies.

Place in the fridge to set overnight.

Carefully press the seed cookies from the cutters and hang in the garden.



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