Pencil Pot Holder

This is a brilliant project for the summer holidays as it needs to be done over a few days but each stage is relatively simple so older children can enjoy doing the craft on their own, while younger ones can do it easily with just a smidgen of assistance. The Jelly Babies and two of their cousins made pencil pots last week while staying at their grandparents’ house. I’ll be honest it wasn’t always a totally harmonious affair but Granny did get 30 minutes each day to enjoy a cup of tea in peace while I crafted with the monkeys. When Granny was presented with the finished pots on the final morning of our stay, she promised each of the four grandchildren that she’d treasure each pot. And do you know what she is just the sort of Granny who will do just that.


You will need

A Plastic Cup

Cling Film

Strips of Material

PVA glue

A Little Water


Start by cutting your material into long strips (long enough to cover one side and the underneath of your cup.)

Wrap the outside of the cup with cling film.


Mix a little water with your glue to thin the mixture down to the consistency of yoghurt.

Soak your strips of material in the watered down glue. Squeeze to get rid of any excess gloop.


Place the material on to the cup, ensuring the pattern of the material is facing inward on this first layer as this will form the inside of the pencil pot. Overlap each piece of material ensuring that every bit of the cup is covered. Then add another layer.


Leave to dry completely in a warm place. We left ours to dry in the sunshine but an airing cupboard works equally well.


Add a final layer (we used contrasting material but using the same material works just as well or alternatively create a patchwork effect by using strips of mismatching material.) This time make sure the pattern of the material you are using is facing outwards. Once this has dried fully, remove from the cup and gently peel away the cling film. Finally trim the edges.


You can use anything as a mould that you think would make a useful container.


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