Retro Paper Dollies

This simple craft is a great rainy day activity. It is simple enough for school age children to do on their own and the possibilities are endless. The biggest Jelly Baby who is somewhat football obsessed opted to create a chain of footballers. The traditional paper dollies featured in this post were made with a little help from her mummy by a super smiley friend of ours.


Just in case you’ve forgotten how to make this classic school holiday activity, The Wobbly Jelly has some very easy instructions.


Start by concertinering a piece of A4 paper into 4 and draw a person on the the top section of your paper. Ensure that the arms of your person reach the very edge of the paper as they need to attach to the dollies behind them.


Cut around your template. Be careful not to cut through the hands.


Unfold the paper to reveal your four people.

FullSizeRender-39Decorate as you please.



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