Rainbow Seashells


I dream of living in a white washed weatherboard house located on the edge of a beach, overlooking the sea. Within walking distance of a fabulous ice cream shop and a shack selling freshly caught lobster.  As it is we live in the heart of a bustling  town centre, an hour away from the nearest beach. Trips to the seaside are therefore seen as rather special.


It has become something of a tradition to collect seashells from the beach whenever we make it to one. The biggest Jelly Baby loves finding them for me but I do usually have  have a quick sort through the bucket before departing for home and there is inevitably at least one rotting crab sitting amongst the haul of pretty shells.


The seashells always make it on to display on our return home but I thought it would be fun for the Jelly Babies to jazz them up a little.


As with all the Wobbly Jelly Activities this craft is super simple and requires just two things, Seashells and Wax Crayons. However as the shells become piping hot, adult supervision is most definitely required.


Place your chosen shells on to a baking tray into a hot oven (180 degrees celcius) for between five and ten minutes until the shells are hot.


Remove a shell from the oven using tongs and place on a paper plate.


Place  the wax crayon onto the (very) hot surface of the shell (I put the crayon onto the shells for the littlest jelly baby and let her use a paint brush to spread the melted wax across the shells as at two I didn’t feel she was old enough to understand how hot the shells would be if she touched them.)


The heat from the shell will cause the crayon to melt over the shell leaving a gorgeous pattern behind. Decorate one shell at a time, keeping any shells not being decorated in the oven, as once out they cool within a few minutes and the crayons won’t melt.


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