Delicate Doily Bunting

I acquired the idea for this fabulously simple, yet utterly gorgeous garland from my super stylish friend, Mrs Pink.


With a packet of coloured doilies gathering dust in the back of her cupboard and in need of some decoration to add a little birthday sparkle, Mrs Pink hit upon the inspired idea of stringing the doilies on a length of ribbon.Beautifully simple paper doily celebration garland

As paper doilies are a crafting staple at The Wobbly Jelly I thought it would be a great craft for the Jelly Babies.  The adorable Lily, friend and neighbour trialled this craft for me and I hope Mrs Pink will agree she did a marvellous job.


All that is needed is a handful of paper doilies, some thread, wool or ribbon, a little glue and whatever you choose to decorate your doilies with. Lily used felt tips and a lot of glitter. In fact so much glitter her  seven week old sister was still shimmering the following day.


Fold the doilies in half.


Feed the ribbon though the centre of your folded doilies and secure the doilies together with a dab of glue.


Decorate your doilies as you please.


Choose a place to hang your garland.


This is one of 30 activities that is part of The Bucketful of Fun. A blog post that The Wobbly Jelly has just written for Tunbridge Wells Kids on The Go. To see the whole list of entertaining but ever so straightforward activities do visit


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