Flick Books

I think I may have admitted to you before that drawing is not my strong point and as the Jelly Babies are not quite at the age where they have the patience to complete this project, I called in a favour from a nine year old friend of mine.

How to make a Flick Book

Following my instructions she created the most adorable flick book

The most important thing when making a flick book is to decide on a simple concept for your story. The main drawing will be repeated on every page and just as an animation is drawn, you just need to change each picture ever so slightly.

Creating a flick book

To make the pages, cut 6 sheets of A4 paper into 6 equal sized rectangles. This will create a total of 36 pages for your book.

Bind your pages together using two staples down the left hand side of your book.

Next up illustrate your pages. If you are using people in your book, ensure to use a simple drawing that can be replicated easily (stick men work really well for younger children.)

Once your pages are all illustrated the fun really begins. As you flick the pages at speed, your drawings will come to life to create your very own animation.

This is one of 30 activities that is part of The Bucketful of Fun. A blog post that The Wobbly Jelly has just written for Tunbridge Wells Kids on The Go. To see the whole list of entertaining but ever so straightforward activities do visit http://www.tunbridgewellskidsonthego.co.uk


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