Origami Fortune Teller


I know this is hard to believe but I have only just learnt how to make this retro childhood paper craft for myself.

Although I used to adore taking a turn at having my fortune read I couldn’t be the fortune teller as I never mastered the art of making them. Luckily for me, a dear friend of mine was able to show me the secret and she very kindly has agreed that I can share it with you.

So here goes

Start with a square piece of paper. Fold the top right hand corner down to meet the bottom left hand corner and unfold.


Fold the top left hand corner to meet the bottom right hand corner and unfold.


Fold the bottom left hand corner to the centre of the square. Repeat with the other three corners.


You should be left with a smaller square.


Turn the square over


Repeat folding each corner to the centre of the square until you are left with an even smaller square.


Fold the square in half horizontilly and unfold and then fold in half vertically and unfold.


Insert your finger and thumb from each hand into the four triangles on the under side of your square and gentle manipulate the corners of your square into a point in the centre.


Now is the fun part. Start by colouring the top four triangles, add  numbers to the inside flaps and fortunes to the four remaining squares in the centre of your unfolded fortune teller. Reassemble your fortune teller following the above instructions.


To tell someone’s fortune, place your fingers and move your fortune teller with your fingers. Ask your friend their favourite colour and spell out the letters by moving your fingers with each letter. For example for Pink you would move it four times. Then ask them to choose a number. You lift the flap to reveal their fortune.


This is one of 30 activities that is part of The Bucketful of Fun. A blog post that The Wobbly Jelly has just written for Tunbridge Wells Kids on The Go. To see the whole list of entertaining but ever so straightforward activities do visit http://www.tunbridgewellskidsonthego.co.uk


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