Pasta Necklaces

This activity is so straightforward it needs little explanation.


In its simplest form all that is required is some pasta tubes, some Cheerios and some strawberry laces. Felt tip pens, glue and glitter will add an extra dimension to this craft activity but are by no means essential.

Start by tying a knot in the strawberry lace approximately 5 cm from the end. Thread the pasta and Cheerios onto the lace in a pretty pattern. Once you have finished threading, secure the pasta and Cheerios by tying a knot. Ensure the knot is least 5 cm from the end of the strawberry lace, so the necklace can be tied around the neck easily.


If you are feeling creative, why not colour the pasta tubes using felt tip pens.


Alternatively for a more glamorous piece of jewellery dip your pasta in glue before rolling in coloured glitter. Let the glitter tubes dry completely before threading onto your strawberry lace.


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