Anyone for balloon tennis?

We have very much caught Wimbledon fever at The Wobbly Jelly.

Paper Plate Balloon Tennis

These paper plate tennis racquets cost approximately 5p and are a doddle to make.  Most importantly this activity keeps the little ones entertained for ages, firstly while they are making them, and then subsequently when they are playing tennis, allowing you to indulge in a little bit of Wimbledon viewing.


2 x Paper Plates

1 x long cardboard tube (we used the tube found inside a roll of wrapping paper) cut in half or two kitchen roll tubes

A balloon or light plastic ball

Felt tip pens or crayons

A pair of scissors

Paper Plate Tennis Racquets


Decorate your paper plates and cardboard tubes in any way you fancy. (The Jelly Babies went for the authentic racquet look, complete with strings – albeit a little wonky)

Sellotape the tube to the back of the paper plate, making sure it is attached securely.

Inflate your balloon.

Create your own game of tennis with two people or play a game of doubles with 4. If only one wants to play they can have an entertaining game of keepy uppy with their racquet  and balloon.



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