Just what is our favourite party accessory at the Wobbly Jelly?

If there’s one thing we love at The Wobbly Jelly, it’s a party.


You may have already had a glimpse of some of the parties we’ve thrown, that feature on the Enchanted Parties section of the website. And planning for the Jelly Babies’ birthday parties (both of which are not until September) is well under way.


Both parties will feature brightly coloured balloons, noisy games, a sumptuous party tea, thick wedges of birthday cake wrapped in paper napkins and going home bags bulging with tiny tokens of loveliness just as the parties my mum threw for me did.


However there is one tradition that has featured at every one of my children’s parties which I don’t think even existed back in the days of my celebrations and that’s the fabulously indulgent….Piñata

minions 2

These Tissue covered, cardboard creations serve a dual purpose. For the majority of the party, they are fabulous decorations but at the end of the party they become the ultimate party game. Filled with sweets and trinkets, the children get to take turns bashing the piñata (usually whilst they are blindfolded) until, much to the delight of the party guests, they explode, spilling their contents over the floor.

yellow cupcake

We fill our piñatas with sweets and trinkets that the party guests are going to take home in their party bags. When the bounty falls from the piñata, we encourage the children to collect it all up together as fast as they can and pile it onto the table, for an adult to divide up between the bags.


They are the perfect climax to a fabulous event.

A last hurrah before the parents arrive to collect their sugar drenched, adrenalin pumped children(and you reach for the gin and breath a huge sigh of relief that everyone has survived the party relatively unscathed.)

aaarrgh legomen

Over the last five years we’ve had a whole array of piñatas but it is only recently since the Jelly Babies’ last set of birthdays that I stumbled across the magnificent Piñata Piñata on Instagram.

These piñatas are something else.

The Rolls Royce of the piñata world.


Each piñata is lovingly hand crafted by Ruth O’Reilly at her home in Ireland. With a huge array to choose from, the Jelly Babies and I have spent an unhealthy amount of time drooling over our favourite ones on the Piñata Piñata website. As each piñata is made to order, if your party theme is a little off the wall and you can’t quite find the piñata you are looking for, Piñata Piñata will create a bespoke piñata that is perfect for your event.


For more information on these beautiful piñatas  pop over to the Piñata Piñata website. http://pinataspinatas.com.

Prices start from just €15 and the piñatas can be shipped anywhere in the world. Shipping within Ireland costs €5 and shipping to the UK, €10. For all other locations please contact Ruth through her website.


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