Paper Plate LadyBirds

Paper plates are such a fab thing to have in the craft box. They are cheap (we buy the economy ones from the local supermarket) and can be transformed into a million different things.


This ladybird craft is perfect to do with toddlers and preschoolers as it’s so simple.

You will need

3 Paper Plates

Red, Black and White Paint


A cork



Paint one of the paper plates red and the other two black and set aside to dry.


Cut around the black paper plates to leave just the centre of both plates.

Dip the cork in the white paint and use to make the eyes of the ladybird.

Add a little dot of black paint.


Dip the cork into black paint and use to decorate the ladybirds back.

Cut a slit 2/3 of the way through the red plate to make his wings.

Glue the black circles so they slightly overlap.

Add the red plate.



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