How to make your own gloop


Which child doesn’t love the idea of gloop?

noun informal
sloppy or sticky semi-fluid matter, typically something unpleasant.

This version takes seconds to make, requires only cornflour and water and is practically mess free (the little mess it does make is cleared up super easily.)


Simply let the rascals mix together some cornflour and water. It is imperative that you use cornflour as regular flour and water will just make a paste (perfect for paper mache but rubbish for gloop making.) The mixture should begin to harden and even become quite difficult to mix. If the mixture is too stiff, simply add more water and if overly sloppy a little more cornflour will solve the problem. Getting the perfect consistency is part of the fun. The gloop is at it’s best when it is liquid enough to run through your fingers but contains enough cornflour to ensure it solidifies when it is poured onto the table.

image  image


If you are feeling particularly creative you could add a little food colouring and glitter as we did, using it as an opportunity to experiment with mixing colours. The littlest Jelly Baby drew shapes in her gloop with her finger while the biggest Jelly Baby tried to write words before the letters magically vanished.


When the children decide they’ve had enough, the gloop can be scooped up, popped back into the bowl in which it was mixed and stored in the fridge for another day. The mixture solidifies in the fridge but a little water will bring it back to life.


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