Cherry, Strawberry and Lime Slushies

These jewel coloured slushies are a slightly more sophisticated take on those iridescent drinks that they sold in the 1980s at my local sports centre alongside the Mars Bars and platefuls of salty chips. This version is packed full of fruit but every bit as delicious.



1 x 350g punnet of strawberries

1 x 225g punnet of cherries

1 x lime

125g of caster sugar

1.5 pints of water



Wash and chop the strawberries and cherries and pop into a blender.


Whizz until all the fruit is liquidized.


While the fruit is blending, squeeze the juice from your lime.


Add the lime juice and sugar to the blended fruit and whizz once again until it is mixed.

Pour the mixture through a sieve into a freezer proof container.


Add the water and stir well.

Put it in the freezer for two hours and then using a fork, gently scrape the frozen edges and fluff up.


Pop back in the freezer for a couple more hours and repeat the fluffing process.

Before serving remove from the freezer 20 minutes or so before serving up and give it one final fork through before serving in glasses.


If  you find yourself with any left over slushy at the end of the day, prepare yourself a glassful and add a slosh of your favourite tipple. White rum or vodka are particularly fabulous additions.


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