Ice Block Treasure

This is a great little summer activity that always keeps the Jelly Babies amused for ages. It is perfect on a hot day when no one has any inclination to do anything energetic.


All that is required is a freezer proof container, some plastic non precious toys and a few pints of water.


Fill the container half full with water and place the toys in the water. If  you can, stand some of the toys up. Pop in the freezer and freeze until set.


Add some more toys and top up the water until just below the rim of the container. Once again pop back in the freezer until the toys are encased in a large ice block.


When ready to use, release the block of ice from the container and place outside with some things for the children to chip away at the ice. We have used construction toys, rolling pins and real hammers in the past but it very much depends on the age of the child.

IMG_2912 IMG_2909 IMG_2880 IMG_2904 IMG_2923 IMG_2924


One year we put some toy cars which the oldest Jelly Baby loved but he was slightly enthusiastic with his tools and managed to smash a couple of windscreens so I would advise against popping cars into your ice block treasure. 


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