Jewel Encrusted Treasure Chests

Following on from the popularity of the Pirate Map we featured on The Wobbly Jelly last week, and with an egg box to spare after our week of eggy based activities, today we decided to make some jewel encrusted treasure chests.

Just in case you fancy doing the same, we’ve included the instructions below.


Start by covering the outside of an empty egg box with brown paint.


Then paint the inside brown and set aside to dry.


While the painted egg box is drying have a hunt around the house for whatever you can find to decorate the outside of your treasure box. We found sequins, glitter, and plastic gold coins (which we’d purchased years ago from a local haberdashery shop) but foil, tissue or brightly coloured stickers would work just as well.


The Jelly Babies painted the gold hinges on to their treasure chest using a little brown and yellow paint with some glitter mixed in. The littlest Jelly Baby then sprinkled her treasure chest with sequins.


The biggest Jelly Baby went for a more sophisticated look and after cutting the chain of gold coins, he glued them to his box.


Now we just need to find some treasure to go inside.



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