Clown Cress

We recently picked us up a packet of cress seeds in our local garden centre, and inspired by our trip to the magnificent Netherlands National Circus, we decided to make some clown cress heads. Things needed to grow cress in rggshells

What you need

An egg

Some paint, glue, googly eyes, small red pom pom

Cotton wool balls

A little water

Some cress seeds

Something to stand your clown cress head in


Very carefully take the top of the egg off using a knife. Empty the contents of the egg in a bowl (to use as you please) and very gently swill out with water.


Next up decorate your clown. Either paint his features on or glue on some wobbly eyes and pom poms as we did. Whichever way you choose to decorate your egg, do be ever so careful as the empty egg shells are very delicate.

Growing cress in an eggshell

Once the clown faces have dried, dampen the cotton wool balls, wringing out any excess water and very carefully place inside the empty clown heads.

P1030888   P1030852

Sprinkle a small spoonful of seeds onto the damp cotton wool.

Adding cress seeds to an empty eggshell

Place on a sunny window sill and wait for the clowns to grow their crazy green hair.

Waiting for cress seeds to grow


Sprinkle a little water into the egg shell each day.

Growing crazy hair cress clowns

Once the clown has sprouted lots of hair, give him a hair cut and use the cress in egg sandwiches for a real retro treat.


Why not use your spare egg whites to bake a batch of Almond Orange Bites that we featured on the blog yesterday


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