Creating our very own (slightly less valuable) Faberge Eggs

With our bouncing egg experiment taking all of two minutes to set up the Jelly Babies were keen to continue experimenting.


Mr Wobbly Jelly challenged them to break an egg by squeezing it between their hands. According to Mr Wobbly Jelly if the egg is positioned correctly between your two palms and your fingers are locked together it is impossible to break it. We couldn’t prove hime wrong despite giving it a good go but do let me know if you do.

P1030987 P1040007 P1040010

We then decided to show the children how to blow an egg. Just in case you’ve never done this,  you put a pin prick in the top and bottom of the egg and position it over a small bowl. Gently blow through the top hole and the contents of the egg will be deposited into the bowl. The children were fascinated by this process and by how light the empty eggshell was.


We then decided to cover the empty intact eggshell with glue and roll it in glitter. Well I say we, Mr Wobbly Jelly detests glitter so I am sure I heard him protest but to be honest over the shrieks of joy coming from the kids it was tricky to hear much else.

If you, like Mr Wobbly Jelly, have a dislike for teeny tiny sparkles that get absolutely everywhere, you could decorate the egg using paints, sequins, feathers, tissue paper or even plain old mess free felt tips.




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