How to make an egg bounce

According to the biggest jelly baby, this experiment is epic.

All that is required is an egg, some white wine vinegar and an empty jam jar.

Simply lower the egg very gently into the jam jar and cover with white wine vinegar.


Almost immediately the egg shell will be surrounded by tiny bubbles of carbon dioxide.


After a couple of hours the shell will have started to dissolve and if you remove the egg from the vinegar for a moment the shell can be gently rubbed away. Place the egg back into the vinegar and leave overnight.


 The next morning very carefully remove the egg from the vinegar with a spoon.


The egg shell should have completely dissolved in the acidic vinegar leaving behind the rubbery protective membrane. If it hasn’t completely dissolved simply place back in the vinegar for another few hours.


Have fun gently squeezing the egg and bouncing it from a small height.



Warning – Do not bounce your egg from a great height as the membrane will break. To be fair to the Jelly Babies, they handled their egg with the utmost care but I slightly over enthusiastically demonstrated to Mr Wobbly Jelly how amazing it was that we’d created an egg that bounced. Except on this occasion it didn’t. I was left with egg on my face or rather egg on my table.



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