Treasure Maps for Pirates

With half term upon us I thought I’d share with you one of the Wobbly Jelly’s favourite crafts.

It’s perfect to do when you have a few hours to fill as there are several stages. It’s also a good craft to do with children of all ages as older children can add more detail to their maps and very young ones can use a sheet of pirate stickers to decorate their maps.


You will need

Sheets of white paper

Colouring pencils (or pirate stickers)

A cup of cold coffee

Ribbon (should you wish to roll and tie it)

Lemon juice (if you want to add a secret X marks the spot)


Tear away the edges of the paper.


Pour over enough cold coffee to cover the paper and leave a little puddle around it.


Pop into an oven turned to it’s lowest setting and bake until the paper is dry (approximately ten mins.) Please do keep an eye on it as it cooks, as it dries out quickly. The paper should be completely dry when you remove it from the oven and should have taken on the appearance of some old parchment paper.


Draw some treasure map details on the paper – anchor, pirate ship, coins, jewels, skull and crossbones, volcanoes, golden keys. Or add stickers if you are using.


Either draw on a large X to show where the treasure is buried or using a paint brush dipped in a little lemon juice, paint an X onto the picture which will be invisible to the naked eye.

To identify where the treasure is buried, shine a torch under the map and all will be revealed.


To store your treasure mat, roll up and secure with ribbon. We used some gold coins bought from our local haberdashery shop.



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