Rainbow Flowers


This is my kind of science experiment.

It involves flowers.

And food colouring.

And jam jars.

The aim of the experiment is to observe how flowers drink the liquid they are placed in.



Fill five jam jars with water to just below the rim.


Add a different food colouring to each of the jars and give them a good stir.


Snip the end of the flower stalk on the diagonal and place one flower into each of the jam jars.


Sit back and observe (maybe go about your everyday life and take a peek at the flowers every so often, otherwise it may get a little dull.)


Within twelve hours we were able to see a tinge of colour on all the flowers.


For a bit of fun I suggested the Jelly Babies dissect the flowers. They were overjoyed to be allowed to pull the petals off, snip them and use a knife to cut them and even observed the concentration of colour at the base of the petals.


What actually happened in simple terms

Water in the petals of the cut flower evaporated. The flowers sucked up the liquid that they were placed in, in an attempt to replace the lost liquid. The coloured water was absorbed right through the flower to the tip of the petals. Had the children been a little older I may have thrown in a discussion on the benefits of choosing organic foods based on the fact that plants and vegetables absorb everything around them including toxins but if I’m totally honest I couldn’t face the guilt trip each time we pop out to buy some veg.

Flowers are most definitely a luxury item at The Wobbly Jelly, so we didn’t purchase them especially for our experiment but used some that we had been given and were just on the turn. Hence the flowers look a little peaky in the photos.


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