The Wobbly Jelly’s Scrumptious Rocky Road Recipe

We set upon visiting Diggerland on the first day of the Easter holidays and with sunshine forecast it seemed only right that I prepare The Wobbly Jelly’s first picnic of the year.


Scotch eggs became boulders. Sausages, wooden beams. Cucumber slices, steel girders and red, orange and green pepper circles resembled traffic lights. The children built their own crisp bread walls, (using cheese and ham as the mortar.) To make the traffic cones, I sliced the pitta bread into triangles and topped with triangles of red leicester and tiny slices of cheddar, which were dipped into the humous cement. The Jelly Babies discovered some spiral crisps in the supermarket that reminded us of drill bits and I included some cheese snacks that looked liked nuts and bolts.





It was such a fun picnic to throw together but would also make a wonderful party tea for any construction mad child.


Undoubtedly though the stars of the feast were the Rocky Road squares that the youngest Jelly Baby and I had baked the afternoon before. Packed with honeycomb, marshmallows and dried cranberries, they were the perfect picnic treat but are equally good when served with a cup of tea at the kitchen table.

Rocky Road 


200g Chocolate

135g Butter

3 Tablespoons of Golden Syrup

150g of Digestive Biscuits

100g Mini Marshmallow

50g of dried cranberries

1 x Crunchie bar (smashed)


Gently melt the chocolate, butter and syrup over a very low heat.

Meanwhile crumble the biscuits ensuring you get plenty of different sized pieces ranging from crumbs to chunks. You can do this by putting them in a freezer bag and bashing with a rolling pin, whizzing very briefly in a blender or by far the simplest way by just using your hands.


When the chocolate mixture has melted, remove the pan from the heat and stir in the biscuits crumbs.


Finally add the other ingredient and mix well.


Pour into a lined square tin and pop in the fridge to set.


Cut into small squares and serve.


We all had a fabulous day at Diggerland and would highly recommend it. You will soon be able to read more about the fun we had as The Wobbly Jelly will be writing a post for the soon to be launched Tunbridge Wells Kids on the Go blog  (


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