How to launch a balloon rocket

I will confess now, I really struggled with understanding science at school.

In a bid to ensure the children do not grow up with the same fear of science that I did, every so often we conduct our own very simple experiments. And slowly……very slowly as we learn together my love for science is growing.


Launching a balloon rocket

Which child hasn’t squealed in delight when watching an inflated balloon shoot off out of the hands of the blower upper (I’m not sure of the technical term?)

This experiment delivers the same excited squeals.


A couple of kitchen chairs

Some thin string (we used bakers twine)

A drinking straw (paper or plastic)

A balloon (long ones work better than round ones)




Position the chairs at opposite sides of a room

Thread the end of the twine through the straw

Attach the twine to the chairs (you should now have a washing line between the the two chairs.)

Slide the straw to one end of the line.

Cut two small bits of tape and have them ready to attach the balloon to the straw.

Inflate the balloon and pinch the end to prevent the air escaping.

Ask a willing assistant to sellotape the balloon to the straw.

Countdown from 10 before letting go of the balloon and launching the balloon rocket.

Measure how far the ballon goes.


The Jelly Babies loved this and repeated it over and over. Each time we changed something to see if it made a difference to the distance the balloon travelled. The colour of the balloon unsurprisingly didn’t but the shape of the balloon and how inflated the balloon was did.

 Bonkers Boy is currently try to work out a way of putting an egg shell back together. I think he’ll be a long time trying but I love the fact that he is.


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