Chocolate Chunk Banana Cupcakes with Banana Cream Cheese topping

These deliciously moist cakes are quick and easy to make. They are a great way of using up those slightly sad looking over ripe bananas and delicious eaten as elevenses on a unnecessarily cold April morning.


For the Cupcakes


P1030672100g butter

100g golden caster sugar

2 eggs

11/2 ripe bananas

100g Self Raising flour

50g of chocolate chunks (left over easter eggs are perfect)



Preheat the oven to 170 degrees celcius

Beat the butter and sugar together

Whisk the eggs and add gradually to the beaten butter and sugar

Mash the bananas and beat into the cake mixture


Fold in the flour

Once it is combined add the chocolate chunks

Divide the mixture between 18  cupcake cases and pop into the oven for approximately 15  mins

They are ready to come out the oven when they are springy to touch

Pop onto a cooling rack

For the Topping



200g Cream Cheese

100g Icing Sugar

1/2 ripe banana

A Cadburys Flake


Soften the cream cheese either in a mixer or with a wooden spoon

Sieve the icing sugar and beat into the cream cheese

Mash a banana and add to the icing/cream cheese mix

Spoon onto the cakes and spread carefully with a knife

Crumble the flake over the cupcakes



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