Birthday Cake Bunting – How to turn a perfectly ordinary cake into something really special

Recently I volunteered myself to bake a cake for a surprise celebration for a dear friend’s 40th birthday. This little celebration was not the main event, there was also to be a birthday lunch on the actual day and a party a few weeks later, so I hadn’t felt the pressure to create anything too special. Well, I hadn’t until a couple of days before when I went into panic mode and started scouring Pinterest boards for ideas.


As it was I remembered Nigella Lawson’s Malteser cake recipe, one I had baked with success several times before. I set upon baking it on the morning of the party. After icing it and covering it in Maltesers, I decided it was lacking a certain something. It somehow didn’t seem special enough for such a gorgeous friend on her 40th birthday.  It was at this point (with the children still to feed, bathe and put to bed) that I hit upon the idea of hand making a bunting banner to adorn the cake.

As I had not planned on making this in advance I had to rely on what I could lay my hands on so I raided the kids craft cupboard and had a rummage through my legendary party bag (full of leftover bits and pieces.) I hit lucky with an old pink envelope, some wrapping paper, two skewers, some baking twine and two fittingly sophisticated gold chevron straws left over from a New Years Eve party.


Firstly place the skewers in the cake about 5 cm from the edge of the centre of the cake.

Pop the straws over the skewers and carefully snip off any excess wooden skewer.

Cut a piece of baking twine to fit between the straws, allowing for extra to secure the twine around each straw.

The bunting was formed by cutting five kite shapes from the wrapping paper.

These were then folded over the baking twine and glued together at equal points along the twine.

The letters were then cut out from the pink envelope and glued on to the bunting.

Finally the twine was secured to the straws with a tight knot around both straws.

I was super thrilled with the final result, and most importantly the birthday girl adored it. The children however never did get their bath.


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