Salt Tray Fun

Sometimes the simplest ideas can be the most fun. I am not sure where we originally got the idea for the salt tray, I suspect it was from Pinterest, but since we first did this several years ago now, Bonkers Boy has spent many a happy hour playing in a tray filled with salt.


I’d forgotten all about the idea until last night when Bonkers Boy reminded me of it. So early this morning(a little too early in my opinion) we decided to introduce Giddy Girl to the concept. Bonkers Boy found a baking tray and I handed him the table salt to pour into the tray. We gathered some toy cars, animals and a pencil and set about having fun with the salt.


I’d be fibbing if I said it was totally harmonious as I only had enough salt to fill one tray but once the children decided to take turns as opposed to sharing the one tray, they had great fun. The terrific thing about drawing/writing/playing in the salt tray is that it is a little like an old fashioned Etch a Sketch. As soon as you’ve finished creating, you can give the tray a gently shake and you have a fresh surface to draw on.

P1030487 P1030485

It was amazing how much the children learnt through playing. Bonkers Boy practiced writing using his finger firstly and then a pencil. I wrote a couple of simple sums in the salt for him to solve and he divided the salt up firstly in half and then into quarters. While playing he initiated a conversation about salt being using on roads in winter, and in the olden days to stop food going rotten. He then questioned where salt came from.


Giddy Girl adored feeling the salt running through her fingers, making shapes in it and creating hoof prints in the salt.


The cost of a 750g tub of table salt is only 30p and the great thing is that once you have finished with the salt tray you can (very carefully) pour the salt back into it’s container and use again (for other craft projects.) I would recommend supervising small children while doing this as the temptation to lick the salt may be too much for some.



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