April Fool

So today Bonkers Boy learnt about April Fools Day.


As he climbed into our bed all bleary eyed this morning, Mr Wobbly Jelly and I did our best to explain to him what April Fools Day is all about. We decided the best way was to show him. Firstly we decided to play an April Fools on Granny so we texted her asking if she’d heard the news that the Royal Baby had come early. She simply replied with her traditional 1st of the month greeting “White Rabbits.” Hmmm it seems we didn’t fool Granny.

Next up we thought we’d try our luck with a phone call to Grandpa. Bonkers Boy was primed to tell him that Wayne Rooney had transferred to Everton (Grandpa’s favourite team.) Grandpa played along like a true gent but I don’t think for one minute he was fooled. All was not lost though as these two pranks were really just a way of illustrating to Bonkers Boy how April Fools work.

While I distracted Bonkers Boy, Mr Wobbly Jelly set about emptying the drawers in his bedroom, swapping his clothes for brightly coloured plastic balls.  After breakfast Bonkers Boy headed up to his room to get dressed. It was so sweet to witness him firstly looking perplexed as he peered into the ball filled drawers and then watching the smile creep over his face as he slowly realised that he’d been the victim of an April Fools prank.



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