Chocolate Cornflake Easter Nests

I make no apologies for including the recipe for these retro Easter treats as in my opinion no Easter celebration is complete without them. They are so simple to throw together and most importantly utterly delicious.



1 large bar of Dairy milk (200g)

8 tbsp of golden syrup

100g of butter

150g cornflakes

Mini eggs



Break the chocolate into squares and pop in a large pan with the syrup and the butter

Melt the ingredients over a very gentle heat

Pour in the cornflakes (approximately 50g at a time)

Mix until the cornflakes are completely covered in the gooey chocolate mix

Pop a teaspoonful or so of the mixture into each cupcake case

Top with a mini egg

Pop in the fridge to set for a minimum of ten minutes

This recipes makes 16 large chocolate nests or 32 small ones

P1020661 P1020677 P1020670P1020691


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