Dainty Doilies – The perfect Easter Gift


I thought I’d share this simple craft that my son made with a little assistance, last Spring, for his much loved nursery school teachers. It was a great introduction to sewing and a cost effective way of splitting a couple of tubes of mini eggs between all six teachers. I’ll be honest when we handed them over they looked so beautiful I don’t think the teachers believed that Bonkers Boy had made them. To be fair by the fifth one, I think he had given up and gone to watch Paw Patrol leaving me to finish them off.


2 x Paper Doilies

Children’s needle

Embroidery silk (preferable in a soft pastel shade)

Chocolate Eggs (either the foiled wrapped kind or my favourite Cadbury’s Mini Eggs)


Simply place the paper doilies together

Assist your child with threading the needle. Next tie a knot to secure the end of the silk, ensuring it’s large enough that it won’t pull through the holes in the doily

Following the natural pattern of the doily encourage your child to make stitches by pushing the needle gently down through one hole and up through the next. Older children will be able to do this easily, those who are sewing for the first time may need a little bit of help

Continue sewing until you only have a small section left to sew

Very carefully push a few chocolate eggs through the gap, being careful not to overfill

Sew the final part of the doily together and tie another knot to secure the paper parcel

As they are made of paper, these doilies are delicate so do need to be handled with a little care


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