Bunny Ballet Party


My daughter was lucky enough to be invited to this utterly adorable party last weekend. As the birthday girl’s mummy has some what of a reputation for throwing the best parties in town I was expecting this party to be special but this oh so stylish party wowed beyond all expectations.


The birthday girl decided she wanted her 3rd birthday party to combine her two favourite things. Bunnies and Ballet. The date was decided upon, the hall was booked and the beautiful vintage inspired Belle and Boo invitations were dispatched.


On arrival pink noses and whiskers were painted on the faces of the excited party guests and the most adorable homemade wool pompoms were attached around their tiny tutued waists.

First up the children played a game of chase the bunny tails. This involved the little girls (and their older brothers) hopping round in a circle, chasing each others pompom tails to the soundtrack of “run rabbit run.”  It was a huge hit.

Next was a take on musical statues with the little girls hopping around the room in the manner of bunnies, only halting when the music stopped. Pin the bow tie on the bunny, pass the parcel and the Hokey Cokey followed. Finally a couple of verses of sleeping bunnies was enough to calm the the little rabbits down before they were seated for the bunny banquet.


And what a banquet it was.


The party hostess had gone to such effort with home baked rolls in the shape of bunnies, raisins disguised as rabbit droppings, the sweetest hand decorate rabbit cupcakes complete with sweetie noses and delightful home baked bunny biscuits. Chocolate fingers became rabbits whiskers, pink shrimps were bunny ears, and jelly bunnies were served in a vintage rabbit jelly mould. However it was the birthday cake that really wowed the party guests and their parents. Gasps of delight greeted the magnificent creation which consisted of two cakes baked in the shapes of rabbits and hand decorated with intricate icing twirls and swirls. It was a real work of art.


As we left the party my little girl declared it to be the best party she’d ever been to and I was inclined to agree.



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