The Year of The Sheep – Happy Chinese New Year


 We are about to enter the year of the sheep according to the Chinese calendar and to celebrate here at the Wobbly Jelly, we have been creating a few sheep themed crafts for you to recreate with your children if you are fancy it.

Woolly Sheep



Black Card

White card



Paint brush

Goggly eyes

Cotton wool balls

Cut out a white cloud shape for the sheep’s body and an oval shape from the black card for his head and 4 rectangles for his legs

Glue the legs and head onto the body of the sheep


Next stick the cotton wool balls over the white card ensuring all bits are covered

Finally glue the eyes on to the face of your sheep (draw them on if you don’t have any of those funny goggly eyes to hand)

Baa Baa White Sheep Cupcakes



A batch of cupcakes (either home baked or pre bought)

icing sugar

mini marshmallows (white)

giant chocolate buttons

tube of black writing icing

Use the tube of black icing to pop a face onto each of the large chocolate buttons

Mix up some icing sugar with a small amount of water (we didn’t bother sieving our icing sugar as we’re a bit lazy and also the icing was to be hidden by the marshmallows and chocolate button)

Ice each cupcake and then position the chocolate button towards the front of the cupcake and surround it with the white marshmallows

We found standing the marshmallows up looked best but you can’t be too pedantic when your icing partners are five and two years old



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