Do you want to build a snowman?


Is there anything more magical than watching the snow fall from the sky?

My two children adore the stunning animation of the Raymond Briggs book The Snowman, and are compelled to watch Frozen at least once a week. It is no wonder that they are longing for a huge dump of snow so that they can dust down the sledge, build a snowman and throw snowballs with their friends. Although we’ve been teased with a few dustings of snow this winter, we’ve had nowhere near enough for the children to really enjoy it. Not wanting to miss out at The Wobbly Jelly we’ve decided to do some snow inspired crafts to make up for the lack of the real stuff.

Paper Doily Snowmen



2 x paper doilies

scissors and glue

some old scraps of felt

felt tip pens/crayons/coloured pencils

a selection of old buttons/sequins/coloured stickers

a piece of coloured card/paper

Glue the first doily to the card (this is going to be the snowman’s body so ideally stick him close to the bottom of the page but remember it’s not about perfection)

Next cut round the inside of a doily to make the snowman’s head and glue above the first doily

Now comes the fun part. Use whatever you have to hand to decorate your snowman just as you would a real snowman. If you haven’t any old buttons then raid the kitchen cupboards and use raisins and pasta shapes to decorate

Use the felt tip pens to add arms to the picture

Retro Paper Snowflakes


These snowflakes are a great standby craft as all that is needed is a sheet of white paper, a plastic plate to draw around, some scissors and a small blob of blue tack

Draw around a circular plate and cut out the circle

Fold the circle in half, in half again and in half again and then one more time

You should have a small triangle in your hand, now for the fun part, just start to cut dainty shapes into the paper. The smaller the cuts the prettier the snowflake you make but anything goes

Finally very carefully unfold your snowflake and stick to the window using blue tack

P1020128 P1020129


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