Valentines Day Cards

Just in case my last post hasn’t put you off sending multiple Valentines Day cards then I have some simple ideas for creating cards with your children. it’s up to you how many they make and send. You have been warned about the perils of multiple card sending.

Scribble Hearts


This is such a simple idea which is what makes it a perfect craft for any child of 12 months upwards

Simply fold a piece of A4 card in half and give the toddler pink and red crayons to scribble on creatively colour the card

Fold a second piece of A4 Card and cut in half

Cut out a heart shape which will act as a frame for the child’s artwork

Carefully glue the frame to the card

IMG_1121Valentines Day Cards for Preschoolers – Tissue Paper Mosaic Hearts



Tissue paper in various shades of pink or red




Tear up the tissue paper into small pieces and scrunch up into small balls

Fold a piece of A4 card in half

On the front in pencil draw a large heart, or if your child is old enough get them to draw one freehand or by drawing round a cookie cooker or other heart shaped object.

Glue inside the heart outline

Stick the tissue balls inside the heart

If you are feeling particularly romantic you can make a large version and pin it to your front door as we did a couple of years ago.



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